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Mutated Ants are common Earth fire ants that were mutated by Dr. Animo.

Mutated ants first appeared in It Was Them.



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Mutated ants have five color schemes:

  • dark brown with light brown markings, a grey horn, purple mandibles with no teeth, grey spikes and red, diamond shaped eyes with thin outlines.
  • light brown with red markings, a white horn, black mandibles with grey teeth, grey spikes and red, circle shaped eyes with thin outlines.
  • red with dark red markings, no horn, purple mandibles with no teeth, no spikes and red, circle shaped eye with thick diamond shaped outlines.
  • black with purple markings, purple mandibles with no teeth, purple antennae, purple legs, no horn, no spikes and red circle shaped eyes with thick dark red diamond shaped outlines.
  • The larva are grey with pale purple markings and six white circle shaped eyes with no outlines.

Powers and AbilitiesEditEdit

Mutated ants have enhanced strength, the ability to climb walls. They can breathe fire and spit acid.


The Mutated ants' bodies contain methanoic (formic) acid which reacts with its body parts and explodes when subjected to loud sound.

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