The Mutant Snail is a common Earth snail, which was mutated by Dr. Animo.




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    1. Ben 10: Omniverse

Appearance EditEdit

The Mutant snail is a purple snail with a tan shell that seven spikes on its top. It has darker spots on its shell and black spots on its body. Its eyes are pink and it has a sharp, black beak. Instead of a snail, it looks more like a shellfish.

History EditEdit

1000px-It Was Them (104)

Ben 10: Omniverse EditEdit

The Mutant Snail made it's cameo first-appearance in It Was Them in one of Ben's flashbacks when Dr. Animo had been defeated.

The Mutant Snail made it's first non-cameo appearance in Animo Crackers.

Appearances EditEdit

Ben 10: Omniverse EditEdit

*It Was Them (first appearance; flashback; cameo)

Gallery Edit

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Mutant snail runing away


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Mutant snail
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