1000px-Mutant Seagulls

Mutant Seagulls are animals that have been mutated by the environment in The Widening Gyre.

Powers and Abilities EditEdit

Mutant Seagulls can fly and have enhanced strength due to their size.

Mutant Seagull (Ultimate Alien) 007

Weaknesses EditEdit

They can be easily be hurt or killed if a weapon or alien hurts or shoots at them.

Personality EditEdit

Their personalities are wild and have a crave for food.

Appearance EditEdit

Mutant Seagulls have the appearance of a regular seagull except their size is a lot larger than a normal one and they have red eyes.

Trivia EditEdit

  • Dr. Animo had a few mutated seagulls different than the ones in The Widening Gyre.
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