Mutant kangaroo
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The Mutant Kangaroo is a common Earth kangaroo, which was mutated by Dr. Animo.



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He looks like a teal kangaroo with blue stripes and spots. He has spikes on his back, claws on his feet, broken horns and his Mandibular canines are a lot longer. One of his claws on both of his feet are Velociraptor-like. It has four, skinny arms. Instead of a pouch he has a big mouth on his belly. His ears are long and they end in white. Its eyes are red.

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Ben 10: Omniverse EditEdit

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Mutant Kangaroo in Ben 10: Slammers

  • The Mutant Kangaroo appears in a Support card in Ben 10: Slammers game.
  • His pouch mouth looks like Wildmutt's and Mot Snikrep's mouth in the original series.
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