Dr animo s mutant hamster by armodrillofan123-d3a1aex (1)

Dr. Animo's Mutant Hamster

Mutant hamster
Mutant Hamster is a giant fluffy fur ball with eight eyes and bulk teeth created by Dr. Animo. At first he was in the mall where the people were but somebody stopped him with no help from the aliens.

The Mutant Hamster is one of the mutants created by Dr. Animo in Washington B.C.

Ben 10 EditEdit

When Dr. Animo assaulted a supermarket in Washington with his Mutant Frog, he mutated this hamster and a cockatiel. Its appearance changed and it became a giant eight-eyed hamster.

It was only seen again during the attack on the supermarket where it was overcome by Ben on a scooter.

Hamster mutante
Hámster Mutante

Mutant Hamster
Ben 10 Mutant Hamster design by Devilpig
Dr animo s mutant hamster by armodrillofan123d3a1aex
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