Mutant giraffe with animo on ride
1000px-Mutant giraffe with animo on ride
Mutant Giraffe throwing fire like enery from its mouth

The Mutant Giraffe is one of Animo's mutant animals.


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Appearance EditEdit

It is a girraffe with two necks and red eyes. It is a little more wider than normal giraffe.

Powers and Abilities EditEdit

It can shoot fire like energy burst from its mouth. It is much more faster, stronger and agile than normal giraffe. In Evil's Encore it was able to dodge many most of the shots from Plumber defense system and Eye Guy. It was able to do a sideflip to dodge showing its enhanced agility.

Weaknesses EditEdit

Since the Mutant Giraffe has two heads, both heads can be tricked into colliding with each other as Max and Gwen did.

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