Dr. Animo's Mutant Cockatiel

Mutant Cockatiel is a Mutant bird that is big and has a large beak and feathers all over. It is female and it was created by Dr. Animo. She flies 2000 miles per hour by spreading out her wings like a real bird she is.


It looks like a bird, only huge. It has grey feathers with yellow on its head and tail. It has a large beak and red eyes.


As it is a bird, it can fly. It also has great strength, as demonstrated when it flew away carrying Gwen.

Ben 10 Edit[]

When Dr. Animo attacked a supermarket in Washington DC, with his Mutant Frog, he mutated this bird and a hamster. Its appearance and size change where it becomes a giant cockatiel that Dr. Animo uses to kidnap Gwen, but she is later saved by Stinkfly.

When Dr. Animo is the Museum, where he revives a Tyrannosaurus and a Mammoth, Gwen fights with the cockatiel. Once the Trans-modulator was destroyed, the cockatiel returned to normal.

[1]Trivia Edit[]

  • It appears in the opening of Ben 10 (Seasons 1 and 2).


Cockatiel in a normal form.