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Muroids are large alien rodents that live on the planet Revonnah. They are the pests to the Amber Ogia crop.

Appearance Edit Edit

The Muroids are giant, underground-dwelling, armadillo-like rodents that make pig-like grunting sounds and can ball up like pill bugs and roll.

History Edit Edit

Muroids were indirectly mentioned by Rook in The More Things Change: Part 2, when he said that the most interesting thing to do on Revonnah is to keep rodents out of the grain silos.

Muroids first appeared in Bros in Space, where they came to lick up the Amber Ogia liquid that Ben spilled accidentally on the ground and dropped on himself.

Muroids were seen again in While You Were Away, sleeping in the caves. They were scared off by Rook Shar.

Powers and Abilities Edit Edit

Muroids can roll themselves into a ball-like shape to escape their attackers.

Muroids can be trained to walk on two legs and handle machinery.

Muroids can be taught to say simple words, like "bro".

Appearances Edit Edit

Ben 10: Omniverse Edit Edit

  • Bros in Space (first appearance)
  • While You Were Away

Etymology Edit Edit

The name "Muroid" come from Muroidea, a large superfamily of rodents.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • According to Rook Ben, Revonnahganders use Muroid droppings as fertilizer.
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