Loboans are werewolf-like aliens from the moon Luna Lobo orbiting the planet Anur Transyl.



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  • A ten year old Loboan
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Loboans have grey fur, a long flowing mane, and a large bushy tail, with three sharp claws on each hand.

The inside of their mouth has been shown to be purple, green and red.

Some Loboans in the Protector of Earth Timelinehave white fur.


Like all the species and planets in the Anur System, the Loboans and Luna Lobo are under control of Ectonurites.


According to Derrick, there are good and evil Loboans, but their social norms are not the same as humans.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEditEdit

Loboans can emit a powerful ultrasonic howl by opening their quadra hinged muzzle.

Loboans have formidable claws and fangs.

Loboans have enhanced smelling and hearing, as well as agility, speed, and strength.

Notable LoboansEditEdit

Main TimelineEditEdit

Protector of Earth TimelineEditEdit

  • Loboan enemies


  • "Loboan" is a play on the word Lobo, which is Filipino, Portuguese and Spanish for wolf.